Star Trek: INCONSTRUCTIONStar Trek: KaiRo
Lifeform reports sheet
Name: Lt. Cmdr. KaiRo
Race: Android (Soong-type)
Date of birth/first activation: 8700.25
Parents/Creator(s): Robert Kaiser, based on work by Dr. Noonien Soong
Status: Most systems working within normal parameters.
Permanent diseases/system malfunctions: Emotion chip cannot be deactivated and causes overloads of memory which are corrected by deleting information in overloaded sections. This often affects important information!
Current place of living: Earth, Europe, Austria, (Vienna and Steyr)
Starfleet status: registered as starfleet officer
Starfleet member reports sheet
Name: Lt. Cmdr. KaiRo
Current rank: Lieutenant Commander
Current Assignment: History guarding officer on Earth
Assigned to (ship): USS Enterprise NCC-1701-E
Assigned to (captain): Cptn. Jean-Luc Picard
(appearing in: "Star Trek: KaiRo" - don't know it? See Pictures below!)

Lt. Cmdr. KaiRo appearing as Operations Officer
(replacing Data for a short time)
in "Star Trek: KaiRo":

Lt. Cmdr. KaiRo does research work with Enterprise officers
in "Star Trek: KaiRo":